Sakura Ultimate Sleeping Cream

Owning a white skin is beautiful and healthy desire of all women but the women often focus on skin care during the day but generally invisible to forget the skin care at night is extremely important to nourish your skin healthy from the inside. However do you know that your skin will absorb nutrients better at night, so before going to bed you should use skin care products suitable to keep your skin youthful and radiant white membrane.

The research show that from 11 pm to 5 am is the ideal time to take care of skin as this is the best time for the production of skin cells and restores. It was that the ability to absorb nutrients from the skin effectively. Therefore, if the skin is sufficient nutrients necessary at this time, it will quickly recover and healthy.

Mask is a simple skin care way, but very important and necessary for the beauty of women.

Mask gives 4 great special benefits for the skin:

  • Removesdead skin
  • Cleanpores
  • Prevent wrinkles
  • Slow down theaging process

And that is why the beauty experts recommend mask at least 1 time / week to beautify the skin.



Double functional SAKURA ULTIMATE SLEEPING CREAM providing sleek and moist healthy skin

Fragile skin prone to lose balance and get damage on its texture and tone against outer factors like air pollution, UV as well as inner factor like stress etc.
SAKURA ULTIMATE SLEEPING CREAM will keep your skin vivid, sleek and resilient just with a couple of intensive skincare per a week on the rough and dull skin.

Lightening for clear & bright skin and hydrating and vitalizing for moist & healthy skin while sleeping. Providing sound rest for the skin through relieving skin fatigue. Just apply and sleep. GEL TYPE SLEEPING CREAM.

  • Skin function may lower obviously at night.  Hydrolyzed Collagen gives vitality and sleekness to the skin losing vigor and nutrition.
  • Kelp extract (Laminaria Cloustoni Extract) and Aloe Vera extract give full hydration to the skin which lacks moisture and is fatigued and dried during daytime. And also provide moisture and tautness to the skin fatigued and dull-dried from stress and outer harmful circumstances. You may find amazingly softened face in next morning with clean and evenly vivid tone.
  • Vegetal STEM CELL extract like Adenium Obesum Leaf Cell Extract, Rosa Alba Leaf Cell Extract provide skin resilience and help anti-aging, wrinkle improvement..
  • Light Gel Type Sleeping Mask gives you a peaceful sleep with its gentle moistness without stickiness.
sakura ultimate sleeping cream

sakura ultimate sleeping cream

How to use

  • Take a proper amount onto nose tip, both cheeks, forehead, chin and spread softly from inside to outside along with texture.
  • No need to use eye cream additionally.
  • Without face washing after applying, just sleep and wash off in the next morning.
  • Apply 1˜2 times a week
  • Take double amount as normal use and apply thick onto the face for the intensive effect.
  • May use onto the neck for the neck anti-aging care

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